Just a quick word to say ….

…thank you for all your texts, comments and emails of congratulations. Now I just have to live up to the title. Being a good role model is a big part of parenting and improving children’s mental health, it is also part of the book I am currently writing. I often see children who have been referred to us for problems with managing their anger. When asking the parents how they manage their own anger, the penny usually drops. The child has just learnt from the parent, not rocket science really.

Anyway this morning I am seeing an old friend which I am really looking forward to. We don’t live far away from each other but we just don’t get round to seeing each other that often. However we have still remained friends for nearly forty years!

Talking about time, much of which, fir me, used to be spent working, I am seriously considering retiring early due to ill health. There is a scheme that would allow me, due to being classesd as having a serious illness, to retire early and receive an extra six and a half years pension. If I take this option I will not be able to return to work in the NHS and will only ever be able to earn less than about six grand per year. Financially it will be tight, but with a life limiting illness I need to think seriously about the time I may have left. Do I really want to spend it working? Having said that I did love my job, but having more time to spend with my husband, family and friends sounds pretty attractive. Perhaps Colin and I could do some more travelling around in our motorhome? It is hard to think right now however, at a time when I still feel quite unwell. The pain in my arms and legs seems to be getting worse, rather than improving as I had hoped and movement is becoming increasingly difficult. I certainly don’t want to feel drugged up like I am for much longer and couldn’t work anyway in the condition I am currently in. Perhaps knowing I would not be returning to work would give me more of a push to concentrate on things such as writing my books.

Next week I am pretty busy with trips to the hospice and hospital, a visit from our accountant, and appointments with the palliative care nurse, psychologist, consultant and harvesting nurse. Plus its daughter number ones birthday on Friday. Thinking about it I don’t know when I could possibly fit work in!

Today will be another good one and I am going to take time to appreciate the lovely views from my back window and if I feel able to, and the weather permits, do a little gardening this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday and take a moment to notice and give thanks for all the good things in your life right now.

Deborah x