Just a carer

Bird_0082-EditWelcome to all the new subscribers to my email newsletters that I have recently had, it’s good to have you on board.

I must mention Jules and Stuart Rubin, Stuart has subscribed and kindly sent me an email letting me know that it is Jules that has Multiple Myeloma and he is Just the carer. I think this shows how great these carers are, not realising how important they are to partners and the support they provide. I get to meet a lot of partners/carers at the oncology and I’ve noticed they all have the same things in common and that is how humble they are and just seem to get on with things. Without carers, both to help us physically and mentally, I’m not really sure what we would do.

At the moment, with me being on 40mg of Dexamethasone a day, my emotions are all screwed up and I’m having terrible mood swings, snapping at Charito for stupid things and then getting upset for no reason. It is hard for me to cope with, yet somehow Charito and I’m sure lots of other carers manage to look past all of this and still support us, even though I’m sure at times they feel like shouting back at us and giving up, I certainly wouldn’t blame them.

So are you just a carer …. Never let it be said, you are all wonderful people that deserve more praise and certainly could do with more financial assistance than you currently get to help the likes of myself and Jules. They put the time and effort in to make us all feel that bit better on a daily basis. So on behalf of all Cancer patients can I say a big thank you to all of you carers out there and never think that you are unappreciated, we may not say it at time due to our illness, but be assured you are all much loved.

Many thanks, Just a Myeloma patient x

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