June 15 2005

Lake TahoeI’m pretty sure we all remember the day we got our official diagnosis. today is mine. the spring had been a horrible time of endless appointments, questions, and not really a lot of answers.

Finally, I was scheduled for a bone biopsy on the plasmacytoma. I’m not sure if they’d do that today or it was obviously myeloma. Funny though, I didn’t get any blood tests which would have confirmed it. The doctor doing this was only a back and pain doctor so he was way out of league. I of course was then referred to a oncologist.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, it was today 10 years ago. Of course, i had the fracture a year and a half before so who know how long myeloma cells were in there. Id say at least 2.

Well, here I am. Everyday is truly a gift to be had. Whether its a good day or a lousy day its still a gift to be alive.