Jumping June

Now where on earth did the last 5 months go? June is upon us and what a busy month it is going to be. I just hope the weather starts to improve. I think everyone feels so much better when the sun is shining. It doesn’t have to be a heatwave for me, just nice to have the sun on my face while I walk Toni and do odd jobs outside. 

I am also going to try (yet again) to blog more frequently. Luckily with so much going on I should manage to think of something to say.

Mike and I have a new hobby, eBay and car boots. There’s nothing better than selling something that you thought no one else would want, although I usually wish I hadn’t sold the item when I actually come to wrap it. If you’ve seen the TV programmes about hoarders you’ll know how compulsive hoarding can be. I’m not at that stage quite, but I can empathise with them. 

Today I have sold this: 

A rather fetching green vase. I just hope I can let it go when it’s new owner collects it later.