July 25th – Day 15

Have I really been in here that long? If you count my spell in the Cotton Rooms I have actually been away from home for 17  days. I think it’s about time I went home, but the consultant thinks differently and I think he is probably right. There are a few niggles that need sorting out, the first one of these being my spiking temperature.

I have just been seen by the dietician. She is encouraging me to eat and drink anything I fancy, the higher the calories the better. That would usually be music to my ears but my appetite has completely disappeared. Still I have to force down what I can if I am to stand any chance of getting out of here.

I do miss home and my little village. Yesterday I received a lovey parcel of goodies which should entice me to eat something. Thank you Patrick, Annette, Gerald and Audrey, your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

View from our back door.

View from our back door.

My room is also smelling even sweeter thanks to the lovely rose scented bag from Lorraine. I can almost imagine sitting in the garden.

I need somehow to get some energy from somewhere, honestly just a trip to the bathroom seems to warrant another sleep at the moment.

Talking about feeling tired, I think this is as much I can manage right now.

Stay well

Deborah xxxxx

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