July 24th – Day 14

Most mornings I receive a picture of the sunrise captured by my lovely Aunty Monica, who is living in South Africa. It gives me hope and I have dared to start to dream again. I am seeing a glimmer of light, a period of time free from hospital appointments and drug regimes. Once I get my energy back I think I will be able to enjoy some time out and perhaps even a trip away. Maybe an afternoon tea out with friends or a lovely massage at the local spa. I know I have previously written about the difficulty of planning anything with Myeloma, as the situation can change so rapidly, but I think the stem cell transplant may have made planning little treats, a possibility. Luckily we have also just been commissioned to produce another mental health resource so this will hopefully help to make days out financially more viable. Colin and I are even considering a week away to somewhere warm where we will be able to really relax and wash away the last couple of years of continuous hospital visits. Perhaps a spa hotel somewhere in Europe, even if it’s just for a few days. If anyone has any recommendations please let us know. Ooh it does feel good to dream again.

I think the paragraph above gives a good indication of the changes in my health. There is even talk of coming home at the weekend. I just need to get my temperature and diarrhoea under control. I also need to be able to manage without the oxygen, but it’s only Thursday so I have a few days to go. I even managed a few mouthfuls of McDonalds yesterday. I usually wouldn’t touch the stuff but I fancied some salty chips and the nurses recommended the milkshake due to its high calories. I also managed a whole banana which I need to try to consume daily as my potassium levels are regularly on the low side.

Today I feel I have lots to be grateful for so I just thought I would list a few of these below:
. That my stem cells have engrafted
. An army of willing friends and family that keep me upright and moving forward
. The scratch card I received in yesterday’s post that won £5
. Hearing the voice of my chatterbox grandson on the phone
. A text from a friend saying how proud I must feel of my daughter, which I am.
. That my husband can go home today for a well deserved break and I will be ok
. The excellent nursing care I am receiving at UCLH

There is so much more but I need to prepare myself for breakfast now.

The sun is shining and so am I.
Enjoy your day
Deborah xxxxxx

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