July 22nd – Day 12

The sun is shining and the storm has settled. Today will be a day of calm. My neutrophils are up to 8. I am still feeling pretty sick and visits to the toilet are too regular for my liking, but I think I may have turned a corner. I now need to start to try eating as I have the threat of an NG tube hanging over me. So far I have managed half a weet-a-bix with milk this morning and I drank almost a whole, very sickly chocolate ensure drink last night.

I must thank you all once again for your love and support, wether it be through your comments on the blog, via Facebook or from the lovely cards and gifts I continue to receive daily. Yesterday I received a lovely card with the words smile on with a scratch card inside. Sadly it wasn’t a winning ticket but exciting just the same.

Remembering past days in the sunshine and looking forward to many more.


Happy Tuesday to you all

Deborah xxx

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