July 21st – Day 11

Sorry I missed out on yesterday’s blog but even my eyeballs were hurting!

So here I lay continuing to ride the storm in my protected, air conditioned, sterile room high above London, with the most amazing views.

Unfortunately I had a pretty rough night. If I’m not tossing and turning or getting up to visit the bathroom then various machines are bleeping in my ear. The nurses have to come in and out to take regular obs and put up another IV medication or transfusion etc. This is not conducive to a good nights sleep even if my body wasn’t aching and I wasn’t constantly feeling like I was about to throw up. Still that was yesterday and it’s behind me now.

This morning dare I say I am feeling slightly better, if you ignore the short bout of sickness earlier. I am even wondering if I dare try some Rice Krispies this morning. Having not eaten anything now for at least 5 days you might think I may be losing a little weight, oh no not me, I have actually put on about 7kg’s!

The good news is that my neutrophils are rising and are up to 1.3. This means the new stem cells are graphing into my bone marrow. Soon my own immune system will improve and start to help my body to repair and hopefully keep that annoying temperature down.

Thank you all for sticking by my side you are my Rock.

Deborah xxx

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