July 16th – Day 6

Well I am definitely Neutropenic now. Today I start my GSF injections which aim to help chivvy on my immune system. So I should be starting on an upward trend. If this is so I think I have got away more than lightly. True my throat is very sore and my diet consists of not much more than ice pops at the moment. And what comes out the other end is less than pleasant but so far I haven’t had any of the sickness I was dreading.
To keep myself uplifted I am recording the days on my whiteboard so that I can see how I am doing. I saw my lovely stem cell nurse yesterday and she was delighted on my progress and reckoned I would be home in about a weeks time. I just need to get my temperature under control. Fingers are all crossed.
I hope you are all OK.
Thank you for your continuos support.
Deborah xxxx

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