Julie’s Myeloma Moments 2012-12-12 03:12:00


Just had to do a post on 12-12-12 as I don’t think I will have another date like this in my lifetime…
I’m enjoying numbers and number patterns in a way I never did before all my blood tests!

My 3 year Myeloma diagnosis anniversary is coming up later this month 12-30-12
And my monthly cancer status check is in 2 days on 12-14-12
Numerically ironic, since my first Hematology appt, prior to diagnosis, was on 12-14-09

I may have some good news regarding some of my CBCs … more to come after 12-14-12

But the last few weeks have been emotional for me-
Several deaths, much sadness, much personal reflection
They are gone… I am here

Bittersweet move from my office since 1994 to a new temporary office for 2 years, until the new building is completed. Hopefully remission holds for me and I have the chance to move again, into the new Admin/Student Services building in 2015

I have a mighty fine new view indeed! 
Counting my blessings
and thanking my colleagues
 for picking an office with such an amazing view of the campus,
as I was too ill to come in that day to pick my new home away from home.

Grateful for all my fur-kids:
2 (of my 4) beautiful doggies
that lift my spirits,
make me laugh and smile:
Paws and Abbie 

Life is so fleeting
And each day brings so many surprises and challenges
Who knew I would have the label of cancer survivor on 12-12-12
I used to think I would live forever
Now I live one day at a time, 
one oncology appointment at a time,
from blood tests to blood tests
I am here… so many are not…
I am so very grateful
yet still so shocked…
I have terminal cancer…
 12-12-12 Today
 12-13-12  Tomorrow
 12-14-12 We’ll see