Julie’s Myeloma Moments 2012-12-03 21:55:00

Hi Everyone :)

Thank you for your continued interest in my Remission status and blog updates! Your support means the world to me!

As of late summer 2012, I officially graduated from monthly Oncology checks to every 2 months.
Next blood tests and cancer status check is Dec 14. I’ll post my medical update soon after my appt.

In the meantime, occasionally… very occasionally I get this view ~ 
The very best view in the house
My house of oak trees, soft dirt, rich scents of wild weeds, 
deer in the distance, birds chatting and chirping, 
squirrels and lizards darting about…
and my most favorite sound of all … 
4 hoofs effortlessly trotting beneath me :)

Take that Myeloma  —>  seems to me, this month… I am winning!