Joining a gym??


For Christmas my husband is going to get a gym membership at Anytime fitness. It’s a national chain with over 3,000 spots. When he travels he can use them anywhere. It seems like a good thing. It’ll be $30 a month with a 2 year contract. I’d rather not have a contract, but most gyms dont work that way. Theres a free 7 day trial that I’m going to try.

Mostly I’d like to build up some upper body strength while I’m off any chemo. But I’m not sure I want that commitment. (the contract).

So, do any of you  belong to a gym and what is your opinion?  Has it helped to get stronger?

We belonged to a gym ages ago just for the pool. That would be my first choice, but our only local pool now is a fitness facility that is very posh and expensive, so that’s off the table. My walking is great, but I’d like to do a little more while I can.

Did you keep to the gym going even on chemo?? I know too many questions, but really any ideas would be helpful.