Joggers buttock

After doing some much needed weeding in the garden a few days ago I pulled a muscle in my left buttock which caused almost instant pain and disability.  As I limped back into the house in agony my immediate thought was that I wouldnt be able to run in the Manchester 10k event on Sunday however a few co-codamol left over from last year and a hot water bottle under my bum has helped to ease the symptoms..  you may have heard of joggers nipple but you probably havent heard of joggers buttock!  I am hoping that I will be able to continue with the 10k on sunday but I feel that my performance will be compromised and I may take two hours instead of the 45 minutes I was aiming for!   Needless to say I will run through the pain barrier as I do not wish to let my sponsors down!

I am doing this run to raise money for Myeloma UK  which I have already mentioned on my blog and I think there is a link to it.  It is the only charity in the UK specifically for Myeloma and provides information and support to patients, families and  caregivers, raises awareness of this rare cancer, funds research and clinical trails etc etc.  On a personal level I have benefitted from having a peer member to chat to when I was first diagnosed -big thanks to Debs who also has an excellent blog

and .. a specialist nurse to speak to on the helpline,  have had lots of useful leaflets and booklets on the different treatments and aspects of Myeloma produced by Myeloma UK, regularly check out the latest news on their website and keep in touch on the forum with other myeloma patients.

I am doing really well with sponsors but always need more so if you havent already sponsored me and would like to please go to my just giving page where you can donate online or contact me and I will put you down on the sponsorship form and corner you at some point for the money. I do hate asking people for money but according the fundraising pack that Myeloma UK sent me I should have fun and never feel guilty about asking people to sponsor me because I am doing something that is worthwhile and Myeloma UK relies on the support of people like me. Oh right then!

There are some funny pictures of me and my favourite track to listen to on the run.

So I intend to have fun on Sunday (if running can be called having fun!), when I did it in 2009, I did enjoy the day even though it pissed down with rain for the last 10 to 15 minutes of my rain and I got absolutely soaked. It is a good atmosphere and also a chance to see some top athletes (other than me of course) and a few corrie celebs too! My parents are coming to cheer me on and I am meeting up with some other people running to raise money for Myeloma UK as well. As a treat afterwards I have booked a table at Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant on King St.

After I was diagnosed, I nearly threw out my sports gear doubting that I would ever play tennis (which I so love), squash or go running again.  These are high impact activities and I thought that it would not be possible even in remission because myeloma weakens the bones making them more vulnerable to fractures. I took up some more gentle pursuits such as walking and yoga .  Yet here I am 16 months later running 6 miles on Sunday and playing tennis when I can find someone to play with. I have been told by my consultant that there is no reason why I cant do these activities and my bones are pretty much as normal as anyone else.  I was lucky I guess that I didnt present with bone damage like many others do when diagnosed with myeloma to the extent where they have fractures and lesions requiring radiotherapy and fixation. My weak point was my kidneys but thats another story.

Anyway I see the run on Sunday as a way of celebrating my remission and my return to health. I intend to try and make the most of it whilst it lasts.