Job got roughed up

A couple of weeks ago I shared my life story with 100 Concordia Unviersity Football players, mainly freshman. Everytime I share my story I have a hard time not brining the waterworks as I recount my life’s journey over the last 10 years which is covered with tradegy and much darkness; the recent being my battle with an incurable (soon to be dominated) blood cancer.

Last week I got the news that a college friend of mine and mentor of mine had a stillbirth. Cassie and I were deeply hurt by the news. It is just another example of how really bad stuff happens all the time, even to very blessed people who are a blessing to others.

I’ll admit, I have not read all of Job and maybe scanned it a couple of times, but today I dusted off a bible and started reading. I just got a snapshot of part of Job’s fight with darkness and it is wretched. The dude got punked, roughed up and thrown to the wolves. I think a lot of us feel like this and have experiences that leave us thinking, “What the hell God, why this sh**?!?! Is God really Love?”

So where do we go from here?? Job gets roughed up, my friends go through what I think to be one of the worst experiences first time parents could ever go through and I am still left with a cancer in my body that still wants to fight.

All I can think of is seek capital l….Love, and lean not on our own understanding which will inevitably lead to despair.

Love has a path, may we find it in whatever extreme darkness we maybe facing.