JKWP update

We’re really close to our goal of 1000 days of walking. The target date is next Sunday. I will update on the big day. I use Runtastic to time my walks and record them. It actually says I have 1010 activities, but there have been a few times when I put it on twice so it’s not quite accurate. I n other fun news B went and bought me a cruiser bike. I have a really nice Trek I got for Mothers day@ 8 years ago. I love it but it’s a mountain bike and you lean forward. So that’s hard on my arms. The cruiser is where the handle bars are high so no leaning into the handlebars. I’m hoping it works for me, not that I can do tons of biking, but maybe I can build up. In our area,there are no separate bike paths. There’s one in theTahoe area, lots actually ,but of course, they’re not open now. And there’s one called the American River bike trail. Very nice, but about 45 minutes away so not a daily bike ride.  I use to ride my Trek by the side of the road in our area, but its way dangerous the way people drive.

I’ve been working on a monthly menu plan for March.  Almost done. I’m trying to have 2 nights a week that are the same every week. Bean, rice bowls(like Chipotle) with chicken, or beef or veggie, with avocado, lettuce sour cream olives.  The other is Friday night pizza.

Either homemade or take out. Then a pasta night? we don’t always eat pasta once a week so, not sure about that. A soup night. We love different soups so maybe I’ll add that as a regular weekly one.

Still working on our taxes. There’s no hurry since we know we owe, but I ‘d like to wrap it up this week. The big hold up is the 1099B . we have the 1099 R but there should be a B also, at least, we think. Since there was a small loss on the stock we sold , we think it could lower the tax we owe.

Well, dinner is a new recipe I found for stuffing and chicken breasts in the crock pot. Plus I have a Gardein (veggie) turkey roll for B. I’ll run to the store for some cranberry sauce later.