Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known. Can’t wait for tomorrow; I might not have that long
Today – Smashing Pumpkins

And a Happy New Year

By some reckonings, 2016 was a bad, bad year. Brexit. Trump. Syria. Arctic temperature anomaly. Zika. Truck massacres. Celebrity death toll (though I’m a little sceptical about whether more people actually died, or just that it somehow became a meme).

By another reckoning, 2016 was a miracle. Chemo free for me. And most importantly, as one of my myeloma buddies posted on fb on New Year’s Day:
Still here
The year even finished with my light chains on a plateau.

Who knows what 2017 will bring – for the world or for me. It’s hard to be optimistic, but pointless to be pessimistic. Realistic? Apathetic? Pragmatic? Indifferent? Whatever. I’ll take my chances.

The world, for all its many many faults, is still a beautiful and inspiring place.

Dawn, this morning. The view from my bedroom. #lovelondon