I’ve Graduated

The side effects aren’t nearly as strong as 50 shots ago. There’s much less itching, redness and tenderness around the injection site on my stomach. The chemouflage has faded. I rarely experience Bug Zapper syndrome anymore. These may be signs that my body has become accustomed to the Chemotherapy drug, Velcade. I went to the hospital this morning for the final blood draw and shot in my prescribed two year, bi-weekly series of low dose chemo infusions. The doctor, nurses, everyone was offering congratulations. There were hugs and well wishings. The fact that it was New Years Eve may have contributed to the feeling of a life chapter ending. When I was presented with my usual After Visit Summary printout, I felt I had just been handed a diploma confirming my graduation; a diploma representing a two year degree in Needle Injection Theory.

883992_10206664355500170_4208491932206978990_o (1)

My Grandson listening intently as I dispense another pearl of wisdom (Thanks for this picture, Robin)

What’s next? I will be tested every three months for as long as the cancer does not proceed. When it does (as I’m reminded that Myeloma always will) we will begin treatments with one or more new drugs that have just recently become available.

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