I’ve got the bug.

Well the blogging bug. After months, nay years of not saying much I find myself wanting to blog daily. 

Yesterday Mike had an appointment with his renal consultant. Nothing much to report, we’re going to take matters more into our own hands, I will report back in a month. 

Today I actually want to tell you all about a lady called Vivienne who is currently going through one hell of a time looking after her husband Jimmy who is having a terrible time with his SCT. I thought Mike had had it bad (he was worse than many), but his SCT wasn’t a patch on Jimmy’s. 

I remember how frustrated (and upset) I got when Mike would call in the morning asking for a particular food and drink only for him to turn his nose up three hours later after I had walked a mile and a half, caught a bus, two trains and then walked from the station to bring to him. I think the tiredness probably didn’t help the situation in my case. All I can say Vivienne is that it does get better, but it took months and months for Mike to get his taste buds back and he still finds certain smells abhorrent. 

If you have the time, pop over to their blog, have a read and give Vivienne and Jimmy a bit of support. 

On a purely selfish note, our page views are almost at 100,000!!!!! Please see counter in the sidebar. I only wish I could find out who our 100,000th viewer is going to be / was.