It’s the One Month Countdown…

Approximately one month from today I will be back at DFCI! I have been waiting and waiting and waitingggggg for December 10. Just about one month to go! I feel like I am in the homestretch.

Doesn’t this sound like a great day?

9:45 Blood work / drop off 24 hour urine collection

10:45 MRI (I’ve been told the scan should last about 75 minutes or so)

1:30 Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration (!!!!!!!!!)

2:30 Appointment with a different doctor (my rheumatolgist) over at the BWH

However, really, the MOST important, critical day, will be December 18th – when I actually have my appointment to see Dr. R and I will get all the results – M-spike, urine analysis, MRI, bone marrow. I didn’t want to have my appointment with him on December 10th because none of the results would have been finalized and that’s obviously what I want to talk to him about.

After the July bone marrow fiasco, I want to have my results presented to me at my appointments when possible… not via email or on the phone and then end up having to make an appointment to discuss the results in person anyway. Luckily, there is the patient portal I can use to find out most of my blood work and test results before my appointment. But it always hides pathology tests so I can’t see my SPEP and biopsy results.

Although…after careful consideration, I might email his secretary (God bless her, she hears from me a lot) the day before my appointment to see if she can send me the results of my biopsy and m-spike.

I know, totally cheating.

But, I sort of don’t want to go into the appointment BLIND not having ANY idea what my biopsy or m-spike results are. I need to be prepared! And of course, I need to compose my list of questions. :)