It’s the holiday season

It feels like I just took down the Christmas tree and got my house back in order and here we are again. It’s been a fast year. They’re all fast. I swear, the older I get, the faster they go.

So, we will start with Tim. He is taking a month off chemo. This is the longest he’s ever been on it (10 months) and he’s not happy. Dex is getting to him, making concentration almost impossible and crash days have him sleeping on the recliner, usually with a miserable headache. In addition to his regular body aches and pains, he has acquired more. I have to book doctor appointments to see what’s going on with his arm and he recently told me his tailbone area has been hurting too. This will have to wait until after Christmas and I sure hope they don’t find anything serious. Sadly, a friend he’s known since school days died of a heart attack 2 days ago. This is the 4th friend from his old group that has passed, all since Tim’s diagnosis 10 years ago. Johnny was born the same exact day as Tim, which hits home even more I think.

My dad is doing much better than he was when I posted last. I do not know how he was able to pull himself out of the very dark place he was in during and after his hospitalization, and I’m not sure if he’s just being a heck of an actor when we’re around, but, he seems much better. He put some weight back on and he is very surprised that he actually feels fine on chemo. I think he thought he’d be sick as a dog on it. He’s tolerating it really well, AND, on Dec. 1st, we found out that it’s working really well. WOOHOO. Thank God. It was a huge relief for him. He will have his brain scan done in early January to see how the radiation worked on those spots, so I pray the news will be good. He is back to driving so I just meet him at the cancer center every Tuesday, as well as at other doctor appointments. His left vocal cord was paralyzed from the nerve being stretched by the cancer so he just had a procedure done on Friday where they use a plastic surgery filler to plump it back up. His swallowing is much better and his voice is stronger. He sounded like he had a really bad case of laryngitis before and it’s hard for people to hear him, especially on the phone. There is no news about them selling their condo. My mom is adamant that she is not moving. I don’t think she realizes how much her memory issue has progressed. My dad finally took the car keys away from her. It was long overdue. I will wait until they hash it out between them, if they ever do. I can’t force them to move, but, I know several people who are in really bad places right now because they waited too long. It’s something you have to do before the “shit hits the fan.” Once it does, going through the process of moving and making decisions is much harder. Oh well, what can ya do?

On the rental news, I got my apartment rented. A nice couple who is expecting a baby in January is in there now. Hopefully, I get a break from re-renting apartments for a while. I sure hope so.

Olivia comes home for winter break tomorrow night. She has had to really buckle down and work hard this semester. Last year was much easier, with mainly Gen Ed classes. This year is different. Sadly, her roommate moved back home because her dad was dying of cancer. He just passed yesterday. So sad for this family. Her roommate is a triplet, so they have 3 kids in college and now this poor man loses his life. And, I feel bad that my kid doesn’t seem to be able to get away from the C word either. Her dad, her grandfather, her roommate’s dad, and a boy from her friend group just lost his sister some months ago. A girl she used to cheerlead with just lost her mom in Oct. too. It’s too much, this cancer nonsense. TOO DAMN MUCH !!! I can’t help but wonder how scary this all is for Liv. She does not talk about it, but, it must be.

The bright spot in our lives is her though. She loves her school, the friends she has made, her 2 jobs there. The rest of our lives might be turning to crap, but at least my kid is happy. As any parent knows, if your kids aren’t OK, nothing in your world is OK.

So, I am hoping we get to celebrate Christmas in normal fashion. I just came down with my second cold in a month. Someone is run down. I have to kick this thing so I don’t have to cancel Christmas with my family. We’ve had to do that too many times these last bunch of years. Our get togethers have already shrunk considerably. But it’s darn depressing sitting home sick in your jammies on Christmas and not seeing your peeps. Hoping that’s not the case.

Happy holidays, everyone. Hoping 2018 is a better year for my family and a great one for you and yours!!!