Its the Big Day and Everything is Going Great!

So its finally here, and although overcast, it looks like a good day for a wedding and I predict a wonderful time. We had a great time at the Rehearsal Dinner last night, it helped that Phil and Tina showed up and sat with Kendra, Kathy, me and Greg. We circulated enough but also sort of had our own party. Greg’s brother Michael and wife Melba were there but had sat at another table next to Evelyn’s Mom and tried to encourage us to join them at first, but I pointed at Phil & Tina and let them know later that we would only see them that night, they could not make the wedding. Funniest moment was when waiter asked Phil if he wanted chocolate mousse or cannolli for dessert and Phil motioned “moose” by putting his open hands alongside his head. We ended up taking a lot of pictures doing that.
Our flight was uneventful, but Greg and I were nipping at each other a little all morning, we had to get up at 3:30 to make the 5:40 flight. He got fed up with me because I could not figure out which place we had the car rental reserved at, but we just went to National because he gets Delta points renting from them and picked a different rental. We then parked in hourly and went back in to find Kendra and Kathy, who were having coffee at a little bistro with Kendra’s high school friend Wendy. I was pukey, had thrown up into a trash barrel in the parking garage and then again in the bathroom once we got inside. 
Then sitting there visiting I had to run over the the trash bin to spew again, which was very embarrassing. A pillar sort of blocked the view and Greg came and stood by me to create a wall, but still …. After that I felt better and even got hungry after the hour drive out to the Chateau Elan. We all had lunch at Paddy’s Irish Pub, and I split the fish and chips with Kendra and got some of it down. While Greg went to pick up his tux, Kathy and Kendra did the wine tour and tasting and I stayed in the room for a nap, which did me a world of good.
The rehearsal at the Carl House was pretty scattered and I am sort of vague on what I am supposed to do but I sure it will all fall together. Its pretty simple, Greg is going to seat me after the grandparents, I walk slowly on his left side and sit in Row 1 on the left, seat 3, and after he walks Lindsey he will take seat 4. Evelyn and not sure who are in seats 1 and 2. Or 2 is empty as a buffer perhaps? As we all sat around at the rehearsal, Evelyn’s mother tried to get caught up with me but I had no desire to rekindle any sort of relationship with her especially since it had been several years and the last time I spoke with her Evelyn shut her utilities off or stopped paying some bills for her or something to punish her. No need to get involved in all that craziness. At one point I asked her if she was supposed to be talking to me and she said she can speak to whomever she wishes and I just replied, Oh, really? Not very nice of me at all especially as she was trying to find out what was wrong with me (had heard I was very sick) and mentioned something about a stroke she had had. I just don’t need to do anything that might set Evelyn off, and chatting up her mother would probably qualify. Evelyn again did not speak to either of us and it was duly noted and greatly appreciated.
We got to see Jonathan and meet his new girlfriend Kristin, and of course our Kristin and Cody were there. I gave her the cool earrings I had bought for her clearanced at World Market, thinking they would make an excellent addition to one of her belly dancing ensembles, they were collections of silver coins on a dangle that sound very appropriate when they jingle. She opened them later and came up to me and said she loved them.
Kendra and Kathy and I have been having a lot of fun hanging out, lolling around, getting caught up. I love my beautiful sisters and this time with them is extra special to me! It makes all my hard work even that much more worth it,when I can get a fun weekend like this. In a little while we are going to the spa to enjoy some time down there, sipping wine, munching hor’doevres, just relaxing. Kathy is not entirely into it but I think she will enjoy things once she gets down there. I am looking forward to my massage and the time just chilling with my sisters. Have I thanked them enough for being here this weekend?