It’s Nice to be Loved- Such WONDERFUL Friends

We were stunned at the outpouring of help and love from our small social circle.

Firstly, Richard McM appeared with a wheelchair for Dom and built a wheelchair ramp from our Kitchen down to the Living Room.

He returned the next day to “tweak” the ramp and remove our Master bathroom door and knocked out the door frame.  Such a great help.  We love you, “Big Rich”!!!!
Secondly, a family friend from Newbury, Ohio insisted on sending us a Transport Chair.  Someone had done it for her, and she wanted to “Pay it Forward”.  (I promised her that I would do the same).  Wouldn’t you know it-  Amazon delivered a beautiful new transport chair just 2 days later! I’m able to lift it easily.  I’m keeping it in the hatchback of my Eclipse.

So very thoughtful.  We LOVE YOU, Rondi!
Shortly after this, Dom ordered a Burn Barrel.  Dennis and Cheryl picked it up, cut the bottom off of it and set it up for me.  THANKS, guys!  We LOVE YOU!
Then, last week, Wendy and Bubby literally FILLED my refrigerator and freezer with oodles of food.  Red Beans/Rice with Sausage, White Beans with Ham, Chicken and Dumplings, Dirty Rice (better than Popeyes!!!).  Into the refrigerator went Crawfish Pasta Salad and delicious Potato Salad.

Bubby is returning soon with a friend to remove the cap off of Dom’s pickup truck.  I can’t see out the rearview mirror and don’t trust myself driving that big thing with side mirrors.  What a GREAT help you have been to us!  Many THANKS!

WHAT WONDERFUL FRIENDS WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!