It’s Melphalan Day

March 8, 2014
Well, he received his 414mg of Melphalan today.   It’s really strange to watch this fluid go in through his IV and not feel anything.  Once again, the ice chips were on hand.  (the nursing staff is always so kind and wonderful) Chewing 15 minutes before, 30 during minutes during and they say 15 minutes afterwards, but I made him chew for longer.  They say that the chemo, once in him, will run through and do it’s damage minutes once it’s in you.  Afterwards, I guess your liver and kidneys take over?  I don’t know.  The damage is done.  All the “weeds” and “grass” in his body have been killed.  The good and the bad.
Tomorrow, he will receive “seeds” to grow the good stuff.
Tomorrow is his stem cell transplant.
New growth.
Healthy growth.
New birthday.
Well, I’m off now to witness his new birthday, March 9, 2014.
Should be around noon today.
Tony’s sister and my brother will be there to witness this miraculous event.  All in the family!
Ciao.  Gotta go or I might miss it!