"It’s like a wake, but the guys awake"

Our family has truly been blessed these past few days.  People keep coming daily, some of which come every day.  It feels like he’s a phenomena.  A miracle worker.  Can’t explain it.  I’m just in awe of these past few days.  The first time people walk in they are anxious.  He reassures them and tells stories and makes them feel at home.  It is such a blessing to witness this man comfort people when they come in.  Each and every person is told a memorable story of an experience with Tony.  All smiles.  All jokes.  Everyone truly loves and adores this man.  It begins at 9am and ends 9, 10, 11 or midnight.  The staff ask to keep it down, but cannot ask us to leave.  As one security guard said, “how do I kick out people having a great time and laughing?”
Last night, a bunch of “men” came marching down the hall.  These men were guys who have played hockey with Tony for over 25 years.  They were all in the room reminiscing.  Only the men were inside….no wives allowed….LOL  It was fantastic.
What has amazed me, but not surprised me is the kids…..the baseball kids……my children’s friends.   They are the ones that come daily.  They are the ones sitting/standing all around him, often 10-15 people at one time and just listening to his stories, like sitting at the campfire at the cottage.  They are the ones, who after a nice visit, send me a private FB message.  A letter to Tony.  Asking me to read it to him, because they don’t have the strength.  So many memories.  I’m grateful for this time as my two fine young men experience this and will always have this to cherish forever and ever.

Both Tony and I love you all and are blessed to have you in our lives.