It’s going to be…

….another beautiful day. My pain is definitely subsiding although I did need to take a couple of doses of Oromorph yesterday.

Yesterday started off well, with a very relaxing reflexology session at the hospice, where I was so relaxed that I fell asleep and woke myself up snoring. It was then lovely to see my little grandson and I was delighted with my lovely flowers and chocolate from him and Jem.

Today both Colin and I are having a day off, not that everyday isn’t a day off at the moment, but it will be a day free of decorating for Colin. Unfortunately it is a little broken up by me having to get some bloods done at the local hospital before my harvesting can start on Saturday. We are going to take the motorhome over to London Colney so that I can do some more serious dress shopping. Having the motorhome with us means that if either us wants a sleep or we want lunch and a cuppa we can just pop in there in between visiting the big stores. We really do love our motorhome and can’t wait to do some more travelling in her.

As my pain is starting to subside I am feeling much better mentally, so much so that I have started back on writing my book and dreaming up future money earning possibilities. I would ideally like to write for a parenting magazine so I shall have to look into that.

I have just been thinking about my party as I look across at the field stretching out in front of me. It brings one of my favourite songs to mind and I must ask Colin to add it to our play list. If any of you, who are coming along to my party, have a favourite song that you want adding just pop me an email or reply to this blog and we will try to add it on too.

This one is called Pickin Wild Flowers

Deborah x