It’s going to be a good week…

Yesterday was a bit of a write off as I wasn’t feeling so good. Apparently the chemo builds up in your body and has a cumulative effect. Mostly it was just fatigue so it was more succumbing I’m afraid. I am getting better at this but I am certainly no expert and do find it rather frustrating as I have so much I want to do.

This week I only have one hospital visit to see the consultant, so no chemo, (hooray) meaning less of an insult on my body. Professor Yong will have good news to report and my numbers will have gone down again. (lots of visualising going on here) This is the life of a multiple myeloma sufferer, until they find that magic cure, and they are getting closer, I must regularly visit the hospital where I wait to find out the next bit of news. I feel like a puppy dog at the mercy of its owner as I plead for another treat. Please give it to me, tell me the good news. I feel I am doing all I can at my end by keeping a positive mental attitude and trying to maintain a healthy diet. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such love and positive vibes and I know that is helping so I will be very disappointed if together we haven’t killed off a few more of those cancerous cells. This is not going to happen by the way. Just look at how well we did after the first cycle dropping from 53 to 11, I really haven’t got much further to go and then it’s just a simple matter of keeping the little monsters at bay.

Besides my hospital visit on Wednesday I am pretty busy. This morning I am catching up with daughter no 2 and my beautiful grandson. I am so proud of Jem who is doing such an amazing job of bringing her son up on her own. I have never seen such a happy child, he is a joy to have around. I wonder if he will take his first proper steps alone today?

Tuesday I am to going a wholesalers with my sister in law Lorna and her daughter Sophie. Sophie has set up her own ‘shabby chic’ furniture business. She really is an inspiration and I hope to pick her brains a bit for my own little enterprise. If you live locally I can thoroughly recommend visiting the Vintage Barns in Knebworth, there is a yard sale coming up next weekend, so plenty of bargains up for grabs.

Follow this link to her blog for some creative home design ideas:

I need pretty paper bags and tissue paper for Village Secrets and “Especially for You” my charity scarf appeal. Thank you to all of you who have dropped off or posted me a new scarf. I think I have about over twenty or more now which I will bag up with special positive messages and drop off at the hospital this week. I also have lots of second hand ones that will go to the cancer hair care charity. Do keep them coming please.

I am planning to hold my first Village Secret event on a march 22nd. I must admit I am finding this whole process very exciting although it’s quite hard work sourcing all the gear, making sure it’s good quality and getting it at the right price. It should be a really fun girls night in and I’m stocking up on Prosseco. If you want further details just private message me with your email address and I will send you an invitation. Not that I have made the invitations yet, that’s this afternoons job. So there will be no succumbing today my mind is taking control! My stock of designer gear is building up nicely now (I must apologise to my bank manager, don’t panic you have to speculate to accumulate, surly you must know that) and I have some great names including Prada, Gucci, Karen ‘Millen and Coast.

The rest of the week I will be catching up with old friends and some new ones. Now do I wear my Heather hair, one of my new head scarves or go for the punky very short spiky look. I think not the latter!

It’s going to be a good week I can feel it in my bones.

Why not make sure this is your best week ever? Get out there and shine, let the world bathe in your loveliness….. go on you know you can!