Its Been an Interesting Few Days, to Say The Least!

Not sure where to begin so I will just go chronologically. Thursday morning I felt pretty good and decided to knock out a few errands that have been on my list for quite some time. I found all the paperwork and went to the public safety building complex to get Texas plates for my Vue, meaning I gave up my personalized “MYSERV” GA plates. I got through the line and paid and got the actual plates all in due time. Of course I wasn’t up to standing that long so I found a guy to sort of bookmark my spot and I sat on the bench until my turn, everyone in line seemed cool with it. I looked into getting a handicapped placard too, got the forms for my doctor to fill out. 
Then I went next door to try and get my state of Texas driver’s license, which also involved waiting in a long line. When I got up there I almost got denied because I did not have my social security card with me, but she accepted my Medicare card so I got that accomplished too. I had done some light shopping through Lowe’s and Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby before all this, so by noon, with both my tags and driver’s license and a car full of shopping, I decided to treat myself to a manicure, pedicure and wax. I took a pain pill and a marinol going into the salon as my stomach was bothering me and I was feeling sort of crappy. 

I was feeling pretty good in the salon, very relaxed, but realized I had not heard back from Lindsey, I had sent her a text, left her a voicemail, and written and e-mail over the past 4 days. I had outlined this whole proposal for a surprise (to her Dad) visit out here to go to the Rangers game with us June 25th and just do touristy things, come to church, then fly back, on our dime. So I was anxious for an answer before the airfare went up. She called and left me a voicemail chewing me out up and down like you wouldn’t believe. It hurt so bad to hear this tirade, I can’t even bring myself to play it again. 

I just sat there, and absorbed it, first feeling really incredibly hurt that she would speak to me that way, then just horrified that she did, then I felt totally sad that she is so stressed out. She added a text message further pointing out that she had asked her Dad and he told her I was out at a Ladies Bible study dinner so would have to try another time to reach me. I just texted back, “I am so sorry. You sound so overwhelmed, sorry.” Later when I got home [after a whole bunch of other stuff happened] I had an email from her, answering mine, saying YES, they are interested, let her check with Andrew and she’d get back to me. In the email she reiterates that they are in weddings the next two weekends and going up to Quantico over 4th of July to see some of Andrew’s friends graduate OCS, things like that. Meanwhile, of course, the airfare has gone up.

So when I finished my mani/pedi and go to the Vue to go home and do dialysis, get lunch, etc., I get in the Vue and the key won’t physically turn over. We had had some trouble but man this was really not working. I called Greg and he told me to wriggle the steering wheel and try, and I kept doing that, to no avail. There was some sort of ruckus going on in the parking lot with a bunch of high school guys arguing and some shop owners had called the police, so there were two cop cars over there and I walked over and asked for help when they finished up what they were doing. So the girl cop came over as I was ordering a sandwich at a little joint right near there called “Which Wich” and she could not get it to turn either, and agreed to give me a ride home. I explained the dialysis in case she needed it for her report. She let me get my sandwich so I ate that and did a treatment while discussing the problem with Greg.
When talking to Triple A, it became obvious I needed to get the car towed to a Saturn dealership so I got all that lined up and went back up there with a book to wait for the tow truck guy. The first guy that showed could not get it started and was somehow not equipped to do a front wheel drive tow or whatever so he called a 2nd guy. That guy got it started. So I figured I would just drive it to the Saturn dealer, Huffine’s, and have Greg pick me up there. Which he did, but traffic was picking up and it took a few tries to figure out the right place to take the car for service. We got home around 6:30 and I was exhausted, I pretty much just went to bed and did a final treatment in bed at 10 PM. What a day! 
Friday I had to go to the Clinic to have my blood checked and ended up just needing a neupogen shot, I came in low but OK with platelets and wbc’s and all. I am fighting a cold and congestion but totally forgot to have them look at it or prescribe anything. By the time I got home I started to have stomach cramps and feel bad so I just headed to bed. I ate some tomatoes, which I later threw up into a bowl. When Greg got home from work I was in bed, barely able to move, with a list of demands, from cleaning my puke bowl to helping me get a treatment going. Later I made my way out to the front room just to sit up for a change and hang out.

I was messing around on Facebook and saw something Greg’s son Jonathan had posted pretty much announcing to a friend that he and his girlfriend Kristin are expecting. I turned to Greg and asked him if he knew, if this was what I thought it meant, and he said, Yea, Jonathan told him 3 weeks ago, and he told me all he knew. So we’re gonna be grandparents. Or Greg a grandpa and I’m a step grandma or whatever. Wow. So that’s pretty exciting, it would be nice if he were married or a little more established, but at almost 25 years old, what are we going to do but be excited and happy for him? They are looking into renting a little house up the street from his Mom (they are currently living in her basement) and making the right moves toward starting their little family. I told Greg he needs to talk with Jonathan about getting married, and that yes, that will probably mean helping him some financially, but we should offer some help.

We have been talking about it this morning and I have decided we should be G-Pa and K-Ma to the new baby.