It’s Been a GREAT 2 Days!

We’re finally starting to see light at the end of this dreary tunnel.

Yesterday we had an appt. with Dr. Becker at the Northlake Neurological Institute.

Nice, nice guy.  He spent probably 40 minutes with Dom.  Checked his reflexes, etc.  We’re going back on Thursday for some type of “nerve testing”.  I believe that it will entail electricity, pins, rubber mallet, etc.

He reassured Dominic that he’s had plenty of Chemo patients in the same boat.  We’re very hopeful!

Later, we went to Physical Therapy.  He’s really busting his ass and performing better each session.  He finally realizes that he’s getting stronger.

Which leads us to today:

He got out of his wheelchair and got into his Silverado truck!  Took it for a spin around the property with NO PROBLEM!

That did wonders for his attitude!

So….. we’re feeling GREAT today!  Thank you for the continued prayers and thoughts, gang!