It’s all Relative

I really am a poor keeper of a blog! I’m sure you are meant to write things on a daily basis! Or at least weekly. I am totally incapable of that and I’ve decided I’ll make no apologies for that. Because while I’m not writing a blog, the likelihood is that, from both a health and an emotional point of view, I am all good! In fact not only am I generally well when I’m not writing, I’m generally running round like a blue arsed fly trying to keep up with working, the kids and the house!!

So today nothing has changed from that so there is no need to worry (conscious that I have just totally contradicted what I’ve written above!). I am sat in hospital for my monthly check up though and have forgotten my book. And it has been a LONG wait today. So that, alongside the fact that two friends have recently written to check that all is ok despite my radio silence, made me think perhaps it was time to jot down a quick post.

So, how come the title. Probably because I actually feel quite lucky at the moment. I’ve just read a couple of blogs of people who have relapsed (both with and without myeloma) and it has reminded me that, for the time being, that is not me. I am actively living my life despite myeloma. I have many days when I don’t even think of it. If not weeks now. I play netball, hold down a good part-time job that challenges me and means I’m running round the country, and I can finally be there supporting other people rather than focusing on myself. That is pretty refreshing and has reminded me that everything is relative!
Long may it all continue as I feel like we have a good life – always a good feeling!