It’s a GO for this Monday

Tuesday, we went to follow up with the urologist with regards to his nephrostomy tube wounds.  All good.  No sign of infection.  Antibiotics ended the day before.  She did a urine and blood test anyways, but the wound looked good.  Still bleeding, but that was because every time I would remove the gauze to keep wound area clean, it would stick to the wound and open up again.  She told me to put polysporin on it (generously) and to change gauze less often.
Thursday, we went to Princess Margaret Hospital.  Goodness gracious us!  It took almost 2 hours to commute downtown from our home in the morning.  Had to be there for 7:50.  I’m always driving to appointments and Tony rests or sleeps while I drive.  They did blood work and we had to wait for the results before seeing the doctor.  At 11am they called us in.  Blood results are good.  Hemoglobin was at 97.  Low, but good to go for treatment this Monday.  We had a nice chat with the stem cell transplant coordinator.  Seems like they all know us there as Tony continues to bombard their inbox with all the complications he has had!  LOL
Then another doctor came to check his wound and manipulated it by applying pressure and squeezing it.  To my surprise, Tony said it didn’t hurt and she said it was all good to go for chemo.  No pus!  YAY!
Next the specialist came in.  On a physical examination, they felt another tumor on his right armpit and another one, which is currently visible by eye on his bikini line.  That one is rather large and got large within 14 days.  The doctor didn’t feel it was necessary to do a CT scan at this point as she feels it’s all related to his disease.  The D-Pace chemo treatment will shrink it.  In the meantime, they measured both his abdominal area and the tumor at his bikini line.  Then we had to get LOTS of prescriptions at the pharmacy in prep for the week.  We decided to wait for it at the hospital pharmacy.  That took another hour!
I was exhausted and you can only imagine how Tony felt.  His breathing is getting more and more laboured.  He gets winded from walking from the bed to the bathroom.  He continues to put a very brave front and although we have been very frustrated with all these delays, we are very hopeful that this will work.  He already responded once.  He can do it again!  He CAN!  I know it.  I feel it.
The next two weeks will be physically challenging for Tony.
Fellow readers, please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

PS:  we received a snail mail the other day from a former employee.  Just wanted to say thank you for the letter.  You brought up so many work related memories from the past which had us in stitches and in tears from your kind words.  With all this technology today (emails, Facebook and texting) it is truly refreshing to receive a letter in the mail.
PSS:  thank you to my neighbour who came through for us on a difficult night with dinner on Thursday night.  Your timing was perfect!
AND, thank you everyone else who is texting, emailing and calling.  Always a huge comfort to know you are reading this, praying for us and supporting us.