It just goes on…..

When I was just considering that things were going in the right direction, spot 2 is ruining my easter-weekend. Spot 1 had had radiation and spot 3 was taken along in that action. Spot 4 is a plasmacytoma in my liver, which I can’t feel. I have the feeling that spot 1 and 3 are nicely under control. Spot 3 wasn’t even visible after the radiation. Spot 2 was discovered by coincidence 9 weeks ago during the MRI. I couldn’t feel it at the time even when pressure was applied. Now it’s difficult for me to walk, I suspect spot 2. Tomorrow I have to go for x-rays. Then a consult with the hematologist. Probably arrangements for radiotherapy again. Sh*t happens……. By the way, we sold the caravan a couple of days ago