It Is So Hard To Be The Family and Caregiver To A Cancer Patient!

This became up close and personal when this myeloma patient became a caregiver to his wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My wife Anita had always thought I was so strong as I went through 2 stem cell transplants and 8 bouts of high dose chemo (the hair loss kind), and 3 cases of pneumonia, and one case of sepsis.  However, I found I melted into uncontrollable tears when I felt helpless with little to no ability to make her better.  When it is someone you love it is much like a chunk of your heart is being ripped from your chest.  When you are around them you try to hold it together so you can be strong for them, but when you get by yourself is when the emotions run wild.  Thank God for the support and comfort the caregiver provides while under such mental and emotional stress

I recently found a similar situation when my pet dog Sadie was just diagnosed with Lymphoma.  It is amazing how your pets become part of the family, and not “Just a Dog”‘  For some who have followed me and my blog over the years Sadie also starred in Myeloma Man’s Christmas special as Sadie the Brown Nosed Rain Dog.  She has not eaten for 6 days, can not hold down any food and has diarrhea, and is a very sick girl, Anita and I shed a lot of tears as we and the doctors just try to stabilize her.  I have done my research on line and found dogs can get chemo, but in dogs only provides a life expectancy of one year.  If we go to a canine oncologist their CHOP protocol would be between $8000 to $11000 which we really can’t afford or justify.   I found on line that Cytoxin, thalidomide, and dex may work better than CHOP for canine lymphoma, and if I can get her stabilized, this is the protocol I would try to give her at least one more year.  I have left over thalidomide and dex, so all I would need is 50mg tabs of Cytoxin.   She is one month shy of 12, and they say that her life expectancy averages 11 years or between 10 and 12 years.  So some might say we should just let her go, but that is just so hard to do with a dog you love and is your best buddy.  

It is during this most recent event where my wife said that she and my daughters would have a group breakdown when they were outside the ER and I was on continuous dialysis with end stage renal failure.  But when they came into the room they would have gained their composure and be my strength.  You just has to love and thank God for the FAMILY and CAREGIVERS of Cancer Patients.

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