It is not A TUMOR (said in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice)

So, thanks to the July 4th holiday, we got Tim’s pathology report a week later than we would have, as I may have mentioned would happen in the last post. Actually, it was a tumor, but, it is something that has been reclassified in recent years as not being a cancer. It’s this: “A noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features, or Niftp, a type of tumor that was previously considered a kind of cancer, but has been downgraded by a panel of doctors.”  Tim’s surgeon told us at the first appointment that Tim either had this or thyroid cancer. Thankfully, it was this NIFTP. He will be monitored for his thyroid hormone levels to see if he needs supplementation and have occasional sonagrams on the other side of his thyroid gland to monitor the tiny nodule that is there, but he does not need to go in and get the other side removed or be treated with radioactive iodine. SOOOO. we exhale that we don’t have to get all up to speed on another cancer to treat and survive. His doctor said that they used to treat this like a cancer but the doctors realized it did not act like a cancer so it has been reclassified. It’s kind of like when a woman has DCIS of the breast. They take it out, but, it’s not really a cancer at that point.

Of course, we had to make it interesting somewhere along the line, didn’t we? The nurse who went to start Tim’s IV before surgery missed the vein in his hand. Not sure how she managed that, because Ray Charles could start an IV with Tim’s veins. BUT, she did. So the anesthesiologist took a huge bore IV, which the nurse exclaimed about, and saying, “he’s a big guy, he can take it” he shoved the thing into the vein in Tim’s other hand. Well, he was wrong. Tim’s wrist and hand has hurt ever since. The pain went up his forearm within a few days. We mentioned it to the nurse who removed his stitches and she told him to use warm compresses but he never did. We got home from vacation and Tim noticed the vein in the top of his hand was hard and still hurt. SO, not even home 24 hours and we were off to the doctor. Turns out he developed phlebitis from the trauma of the IV and the doc said he probably formed scarring and clotting in his vein there. So, NOW, he is doing the warm compresses. UGH. I am trying to look on the bright side, he avoided the cancer, but, this guy had no good reason to shove a railroad spike up his vein instead of a normal sized IV and Tim paid the price.

So, that’s the update from here. Hoping the rest of our summer goes smoothly. Preparing to tell our daughter what’s going on with his MM though, so I am dreading that like the plague. I don’t like this myeloma bullshit. I just don’t.