It Grows On You

2016-06-19 002bMy life continues to overflow with God’s blessings through family, friends, and sometimes just out of the blue.  In May, Diane and I drove across the country to meet our granddaughter in Michigan. She’s a precious cutie, and much of the time seems to have something important she wants to say, but doesn’t yet know how to effectively articulate. It will be fascinating when she does. We saw friends and relatives on the way there and back. I wish we could have stayed longer for each visit.

Our son and daughter-in-law took us on a wonderful Lake Superior cruise to a place called Pictured Rock. Amazing mineral colors can be seen oozing out of the sandstone cliffs there.  To see more pictures, click here.

2016 05 22_0433b 2016 05 22_0453b

I’ve been looking forward to summer, and June is already circling the drain. I started playing Volleyball again. I used to have a team, maybe you’ve heard of us, “Ricky Normal and the Jazz Head Cowboys”? That was actually the name of my band in a dream, but since the odds of me leading a music group while conscious are pretty slim, I decided to use the name for my Volleyball team. The league I play in now doesn’t have organized teams, in fact, it’s not even a league. It’s just a group of local people 55 or older having a good time (often) hitting the ball over the net. It is fun, but I’ve been plagued by sporadic shortening of my arms. That’s bad enough when you’re trying to make contact with the ball, but is especially embarrassing when you do hit the ball and your team mate wants to high five you – and you swish the air completely missing that contact!

My second 3 month appointment and tests weren’t due for two more weeks, but I’ve been revisited by some previous back and leg pain symptoms. Knowing that Multiple Myeloma attacks the bone, I decided to get in to see the Oncologist sooner. The test results that came back right away don’t indicate cancer activity, but because of what has previously happened in my back (click here for the December 14, 2011 post), and because of the returning symptoms with no known cause, MRI’s and an x-ray have been scheduled.