It Feels Like Forever

It feels like forever since I’ve written in here.

It feels like forever since I’ve had Multiple Myeloma.

It feels like forever since I could walk without help.

It feels like forever since I could go to the bathroom normally and feel I actually accomplished something.

It has been forever since I worked. My last day working was 10/4/05…or was it 10/3/05? I don’t even remember.

As I start typing this I realize I shouldn’t have started this entry, as I am nearly nodding off. I’m in serious need for a nap. Ever since I got sick, when I get fatigued – it’s over. I can almost fall asleep standing up (with my walker of course). I better hit the main points fast. . .

MM-wise, I’m doing great. My oncologist even extended the lapses between visits to four months versus three months. My lab numbers improved a bit last time; seems I’m healing myself on my own. I think this flucuation is normal in a partial remission like what I seem to be in.

As for medications, I’m on but a few. I take 5mg Methadone three times a day (15mg per day total). I take blood pressure medicine, I think it’s Lisiprol…no…I forget. I think it’s 20mg. I used to take Norvasc 5mg. It did fine but my ankles and feet were swelling. When I changed bp medicines, the swelling went down and my bp remained just fine. That’s all – except for the Intrathecal Pump with the Lioresal.

I’m just so sleepy I’m falling asleep typing. I will return and desribe more of what’s going on and where I’m at.