…it cannot invade the soul…

I think we’re both in a weird funk today. Maybe it’s the crappy weather. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow — the crappy weather and the weird funk.

Went in to the cancer center for lab work and fluids today. Lab work still looks good — should start seeing those counts drop early next week.

Reinfusion is tomorrow. Nurse Carolyn told us today she’d be getting 32 million stem cells back!!

I saw this poem on the wall at the cancer center. Thought I would share it with our readers.

Cancer is so limited. . .

It cannot cripple love,

It cannot shatter hope,

It cannot corrode faith,

It cannot eat away peace,

It cannot kill friendship,

It cannot silence courage,

It cannot invade the soul,

It cannot reduce eternal life,

It cannot destroy confidence,

It cannot shut out memories,

It cannot quench the spirit,

It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection.

Though the physical body may be destroyed by disease, the spirit can remain triumphant. If disease has invaded your body, refuse to let it touch your spirit. Your body can be severely afflicted, and you may have a struggle, But if you keep trusting God’s love, your spirit will remain strong.
Why must I bear this pain? I cannot tell;I only know my Lord does all things well.And so I trust in God, my all in all.For He will bring me through, whatever befall.

Our greatest enemy is not disease, but despair.

–Author unknown