Is Snoring linked to Cancer?

Snoring is among those nagging problems with the human body that sound and fee so commonplace, but are entirely misunderstood in terms of the severe health risks they pose. A symptom of a breathing disorder during sleep called ‘sleep apnea’, snoring can be tough to handle for your partner, as well as your body.

Apart from the several complications that can occur to your body because of the irregular breathing you have during sleep, snoring can also increase the risk of cancerous tumors affecting your body by as much as 5 times, as has been contested by several medical studies. A study presented at the American Thoracic Society Conference in May, 2012 explained these surprisingly scary findings. And, you don’t have to be a heave snoring machine to find reasons to do something about your problem. The study stated that even mild and moderate snorers are also exposed to cancer threats more than people who don’t snore. Considering that this study extended over 22 years, and studied 1,500 people, its findings can be deemed credible. Dr. F. Javier Nieto, associated with the study for a long time, termed the findings as striking. Indeed, considering the percentage of people who snore, the findings are cause for worry to most, and it is recommended that you read this report to find out exactly as to how grave the risks actually are.

When a person snores, the supply of oxygen to his blood reduces, and in order to avoid suffocation, the human body grows more blood vessels. However, there are chances of existing tumors in the body growing at a faster rate, and thus spreading cancer cells to all parts of the body through the bloodstream. In this way, snoring can really go bad and fast track the process of the body being infested with cancerous cells. However, as to whether snoring puts even people without any tumors at risk, or just affects those with already developed tumors, remains to be seen. The study mentioned above in the article took several age, gender and health parameters into account while deciding upon the research sample. There are medical factions that claim that snoring is just a proxy for obesity, and the risks that obesity has in term of aggravating cancerous cell development are already well documented. However, the team of medical experts and researchers that worked on the study claims that they took healthy weights into account while working on the study. Irrespective of how accurate the findings of this study about the relation between snoring and cancer are, it must be understood that snoring is a medical abnormality, and must be taken seriously as it can led to many diseases and body troubles.