Irene’s Journey

Welcome to my world! And boy do I have a world!! It makes my head spin sometimes. I am setting up this blog so that everyone that wants to keep up with my status can as I go through another one of Irene’s journeys. Exactly a month from today I will be starting a life changing allogenic stem cell transplant. That is I am going to try and grow my dear brothers stem cells as my new cells in my bone marrow. They are going to kill off all my cells (they are worthless now) and give me millions upon millions of his cells that will hopefully take up residency in my bone marrow. It is a long drawn out procedure but I report my progress here and you all can log on anytime and check up on me. I may not report everyday but I will try to keep as current as possible. You can leave me comments. I am still learning how to use this and I will be adding different things to my page. I will post pictures from time to time. The toughest part of this journey is the waiting and of course waiting to get strong again! Three months in Durham is going to run me bonkers!! How many movies can one watch!!? I will let you know because I will be watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of books. I can place my books on my IPad so I don’t have to cart too many of them with me.
So basically I am preparing for my transformation by getting as strong as I can be and of course preparing for Christmas. My favorite time of year! So sit back and enjoy my newest journey of my world! Again, welcome!