Invoice arrives before results of Kappa/Lambda ratios, serum protein.

Well the bills arrived from the labs performing the serum protein, urinalysis, and ratios from
my September 18th tests done at Tennessee Oncology.  That figures,  leave it to the old capitalist
money making medical entities to have their priorities straight!  Actually it is not the fine Dr.s
at TennOnc that are to blame but their billing departments……..I should figure, since my wife
does medical billing in Nashville and those billing people are relentless in their pursuit of money!

The results should be in this upcoming week.   I am particularly tired this last week,  I even fell
asleep one day at work after lunch,  with my door closed.   I hope no one heard me snoring inside.
I have a letter from my local onc. stating  “smoldering myeloma causes severe fatigue and may be in
Mr. Virgin’s best interest for he to be allowed to go home early.”  Have not given the boss this letter yet
but will keep it handy if questions arise.