Introduction to vlogging

No, it’s not a typo… I have recently discovered that it’s possible to use video to record one’s thoughts and feelings and share them with the world, via YouTube, instead of, or as well as blogging here on WordPress.

It’s called vlogging or video blogging.

I’ve found out that I can record, not only using my iPhone or camera, but also using the pre-installed camera on my MacBook. Up till now, I’ve only used it for Skyping, but I see a whole new world opening up…

Watch this space for the possibility of some vlogging interspersed with written blogging.

To whet your appetites then, this is my introductory trial video on YouTube:

I made it late one night as a trial and edited it on software that I’m not yet familiar with. Clearly, I’m not about to be Oscar-nominated for anything, except possibly the most amateur video award.

For those of you who don’t know me in person, now you can see and hear what I look and sound like… which may be a mixed blessing!

I will probably post further video blogging endeavours here too, but if you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can follow my film-making progress there. I’ll warn you now… this may take some time!