Info on Kyprolis Very Very Prommising Drug

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Finally found some info on this drug that has been around in the US but not available in Canada yet. Not even mentioned anywhere in Canada yet. We need to do something about this!
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Now, this ambitious biotech is going after an expanded indication for Kyprolis for first-line treatment of refractory multiple myeloma.  Based on data from a phase III study, patients whose treatment regimens included Kyprolis had an average of 18.7 months of progression-free survival—about twice as much as patients whose regimens included Velcade, the current treatment standard manufactured by Takeda and Johnson & Johnson.
Analysts suspect that Kyprolis has a good shot of gaining FDA approval for first-line treatment, because the FDA tends to look favorably upon progression-free survival data. However, the story is different in the EU, where the focus tends to be on overall survival.
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