Infections – skin/eyes

This is just to recount my recent experiences with little problems I have been encountering and probably may alert some of my fellow mm-ers to be on guard and watch out. Starting this year the problems with skin and eye became more frequent. I am 6 years with mm and on oral med 2mg pomalidomide and weekly 20mg dexa. I believe it is the long term usage of steroid that cause me to be more vulnerable to such infections. Question is that how can I avoid them, minimise its recurrence and what to do with the infections.
Eye infections:
So far the infections are quite small, the first one on the upper eyelid was easily treated by family doc, who pricked the whitish swelling, removed the pus and applied topical antibiotic. It cleared fully in few days. Another one some months later, also cleared with topical antibiotic without any need to prick it.
Now I have one small reddish lump on the lower lid (all these on the same eye), my dermatologist said its a chalazion (stye) but it does not appear infected. After several weeks of topical antibiotic, it looks less red and small, seems to be deeper then just on the follicle. I leaving it alone for time being.
Right now the eye doctor has recommended cleaning my eyelids regularly, with blephagel to prevent blepharitis – inflammation of eye lids. Having to use daily eyedrops – Xalatan and Trusopt – these leave crusts on the lids and hence it is necessary to do frequent cleaning to prevent infection.
I saw this youtube video on how to do simple cleaning at home but haven’t tried it myself.
We do need to take extra care and precaution over our eyes. We may be more prone to infection because of the medication we take but we should try to stop it from becoming a serious problem and do what is necessary to keep a high level of hygiene. 
Skin infections:
In June, I posted about a viral cyst on my lower lip, it had to be excised. Now I am fully fine.
I had another skin infection – furuncle – when a folliculitis become quite big, it is called a furuncle, if it gets worse, it is called a carbuncle! Sounds terrible!
The first visit to the dermatologist, I was given topical antibiotic and a course of oral antibiotic. After a week it did not help but became painful. At the second visit, the doctor lanced it and applied topical cream. Definitely it was the right thing to do. It’s totally gone. 
I realised that even showering/bathing using srcubs, it should not be done too forcefully as it can injure the skin and it helps to use shower lotion with oil.
It seems I have been getting too many skin related problems this year – from March till now. No worries, as long I am attentive to the problems and not let little problem become big problem, it should be ok.