Induction II Completed

I am all done with Induction II. Overall it went very well, with minimal side-effects. I should say I felt much better than during the first induction. My MM numbers look good as well, with further reduction– however, I have not achieved complete response yet. A bit disappointing – but oh well. Hope to get there after the first transplant. Speaking of that – if all goes well, I begin the first transplant on March 9th. Next week is restaging with MRI, bone marrow test and a couple of others in prep for the transplant. We meet with Dr. B on the 8th and assuming all is good – we move into transplant the following day, the 9th. Really anxious to get through the first transplant and if all goes well, I get to go home for ~ 3 weeks. Trying to time this so that I am home for the first week of April – when the boys have their spring break. We will see if I can make that happen.

We have a break out of a virus in the MM outpatient center, 7C. Not good as there a bunch of people with absolutely no immune system. So if they get a virus, they are not able to fight it off. Several folks landed in the hospital with pneumonia. We are all wearing masks, desperately trying to avoid catching it.

That is it for now. Have a great week you all!