Independence Day in PCB…. A View From our Balcony

The Fourth of July is awesome at the beach.  Although there are organized displays at both of our piers, the visitors on the beach put on the REAL SHOW.  I can’t even imagine how much these folks spend….and they try to out-do each other.  It gets better and better each year. And to be able to enjoy it on our own balcony is wonderful!

(An amusing side note…. last year, Dom and our Son in Law were shooting bottle rockets off of the balcony.  Within minutes, there was a knock on the door from security.  Dom told the guy, “Geez.  I’m sorry.  My daughter is here for a visit.  I’ll tell her to stop immediately!” )

Dom and I had crab legs, sweet corn (non GMO) and new potatoes for dinner, and watched the fireworks on the beach for hours.  Truly magical.