I really don’t have the energy to write down all that has transpired in the last few days, so maybe I’ll be feeling better in the next few days and let ya’ll know what’s going on. Bottom line…….I have been getting worse over the last week (since the velcade last fri) and my WBC have become life threateningly low. When you body cannot produce it’s own protection, the ONLY thing to do is hospitalize me and get me on IV antibiotics. I saw an “infection specialist” today, so only him and Nair will be my doctors. I am breaking down in tears right now….I HATE hospitals. The noises, the interruptions, the IV machine noise, uncomfortable beds, bad food….just everything about them and I hate being here so much. I had no choice though…..I could literally die if I had let this go untreated. It’s called a “neutrapenic fever”. Pray for me.