In Sickness and In Health… Married to Myeloma

Hello 1.18.18

It’s the year of 8’s! How many of my loyal followers checked in yesterday on 1.17.18 :))  Were you still thinking it was my year of 7’s? Lucky me, I’ve rolled over another year! I think it’s truly amazing I’ve survived 8 years now. Although I read about double digit survivors now, my 8 years really are a “medical miracle”. So it’s all about the #8 for me and I look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring.

Hoping your 2018 has been good so far.

I’ll be back in just a little bit. It’s such a nice day out, and time for Vitamin D. But I’ll update you on these topics, when I return… (Actually, I’ll update about everything on my 1.28.18 post :))

~ This horrible flu season and how it affected me for almost 3 months
~ Finally made it to my Dr appt and Darzalex infusion this past Monday 1.15.18
~ Living life with the “cancer cloud” always present, so unbelievable… still
~ Always trying to accept my reality, but how can this be
~ “Life is Great… Until it’s Not” … learning to handle what life tosses my way
~ My Goals for 2018.. what are yours?

Here’s some of my favorite myeloma websites, that anyone affected by myeloma should resource regularly:

IMF International Myeloma Foundation

 MMRF Multiple Myeloma Research Founcation 

 Myeloma Crowd

 Myeloma Beacon

And so thought provoking:
 Randy Pausch: This is the Wisdom a Dying Professor Shares in His Last Lecture