In Bloggers I Trust

I place my hope and trust in the hands of God and doctors…BUT also the MM Bloggers. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the folks out there who are either dominating MM or caring for someone who is dominating MM all awhile taking the time to document their journey in a blog for others to read and follow along.
When we started this journey back in 2008 there were very few MM bloggers out there. The few that were, we ate up every word of every blogpost in search of hope that said something better than a newly diagnosed MM patient has a 35% chance of living 5 more years. This stat needs some serious revision. Right Nick? :)
And hope we found! So thanks to all of those people who are in the trenches with MM and willing to share their insight, wisdom and even hard times with everyone else.
Today I wanted to mention a new blogger to the scene who we connected with through our blog. They are a young couple with a young son. The husband is a high risk patient (here’s his story) and has a tough road ahead of him. The good news is that he has a tough wife on his side.
I think this growing online MM community is HUGE. I think the collective power in this group will help advance the science and challenge oncologists across the globe to consider the most current therapy that is getting the best results. We all need to continue to push forward and support one another. We need more centers of excellence, more individualized treatment therapies and more research $$$.
We can do this so….Let’s dominate….Together.