Im sure my memory is going

I’ve had another night of the same thing, mornings my temp is OK night it keeps climbing although according to my chartlast night it didn’t rise! The reason being is that by the time they come to take my temp its gone down again and the reason it has gone down is that I know that I should cool down so I open the window and throw the covers back.

I’ve just had a visit from the medical team from the oncology ward, the people who I usually see and who actually know what they are talking about unlike the ward I am on now which is normally the ward people are put on as a tempory thing until they move on to a specific ward. It helps with the stats of patients being seen to from A & E so they meet the targets that the government has set. Anyway I started to ramble on! Dee a member of the team suggested that when my temperature climbs to buzz the nurse and get them to record my high temp so its on the record.

The doctor was asking me various questions about dates and such as how long have I had the rash for and things like that thankfully Dee helped me out with some of them. The one I really struggled with was the date I came out of hospital. I just couldn’t remember at all, the Doctor even simplified it by asking what month. My mind was just a blank, it got worse, Dee asked where was you on bonfire night. Something I should have remembered because of all of the fireworks and also it was Nov 5 2009 that I was told I had cancer. So we gave up on that question.

It wasn’t until after the team had left that I wondered how Dee the answers to some of the questions, I thought at first she might be psychic, but then dismissed that idea ;)