I’m staying put…

…not even the residual pain left over from my recent bone biopsy can pull me down. Yesterday Jarvis Cocker sent me an email, thanking me for the invite to my party and saying how much he enjoyed it. So we did eventually meet up and our kids were fully grown (well almost) but there wasn’t a fountain down the road or anywhere in sight. Last night we had supper with Colin’s parents and we got to watch the video footage of the party. I must say that Keith has done an excellent job. It’s not easy to capture the atmosphere of such an event, but I really do think Keith managed to do just that. I am going to try and edit it down a little bit over the weekend and then I shall show it through this blog. He also took over 200 photo’s so we have plenty to remind us of the evening.

I also got to see my darling little Elliot yesterday.

What fun I am having.

Thank you so much Aunty Maureen for my CD of the CC Smugglers. They are an amazing band. It only took them a few minutes to learn the song that they then played with Jarvis singing. Hopefully you will get to see the video of our party soon but it may take the weekend for me to finish editing it.

The sun is shining here, now all I need is for a cure to be found and my world would be just perfect.

Have a great day every one

The photo’s are up on Facebook.

Deborah x