I’m not a writer

I wish I was a clever writer.  Don’t know how to make my blogs more interesting!
It’s after midnight and I’m exhausted, so bear with me on this blog if I just don’t make sense.
I can’t remember yesterday.  I swear my brain is mush right now.
Yesterday Tony was exhausted.  I had to leave him for work related things and left him with him mom and dad.  God bless parents.  They mean well.  They mean well.   They mean well.
Mom was catering to his every need and more.  To the point of zero sleep and rest.  I was told to rush back so he could rest.  They mean well.  They mean well.   They mean well.
These adorable seniors waited till I got back and then left and then Tony slept and rested.
Not much news re doctors.  His hemoglobin continues to slowly drop.  His breathlessness is always there.  Even talking for long periods, he gets winded.  Forget getting up for tests, etc.  Those physical activities really tire him out.  I think he’s had enough of the hospital stay and definitely hospital food.  God bless parents and a special sister-in-law for home cooked meals.  Forget Tony, “I” could get used to this!
His bladder continues to be a mystery.  Ultra sounds still show no problems.
Today was another long day.  He did rest up for the most part.  They moved him up one floor.  Much better room.  Nicer nurses on this floor.  Oh, and the most important part!  He finally got a TV!  Woohoo.  A room that has a TV that works!  LOL  $85 for 7 days.  Holy cow!  I shouldn’t complain.  We are so grateful to live in Ontario where the health system pays for everything.  Cannot even imagine how much this week’s experience would cost.  No idea.  Since August 19 he’s had 1 MRI, 2 biopsies, 2 CT scans, numerous ultra sounds and x-rays and 1 Doppler test. I’m sure I’m forgetting more. We’re talking serious $$$$$
Today they informed us that the MRI is Friday morning and he will be ambulance driven to Finch location for this procedure.  As I type this blog, he is getting 2 more units of blood to help with the breathlessness.
Two people keep coming to his room to do exercise and assessment of his physical activity and how much he can do.  They made him walk up and down the hallway one day, but want to watch him do stairs.  Somehow, he convinced them to go away!  If you know Tony, he has a way of convincing you he’s right!
I look forward to them coming back tomorrow!
We were told that his kidney function is getting worse from the lab results.  So, our worse case scenario will be a bypass from the kidney while he gets the chemo.  Chemo will be rough on his kidney so they may have to do this.  I guess we’ll find out after the MRI results.  They still have to rule out a few things.  Over the weekend he will be getting a pick line on his arm for the chemo and then eventually for harvesting.  YUP, he still qualifies and they still plan on doing that.  We are staying focused on that.  He can do it!  He can do it!  He is a strong man!
Nite everyone.  I’m really toast now.